Drugs sold as “bath salts” have caused addiction problems in many communities.

In the space of just a few years, drugs sold as “bath salts” appeared on the scene seemingly out of nowhere. Consequently, the need for bath salt drug rehab is apparent all across the country.

Many people became aware of bath salts after a particularly gruesome news story about a drug addict in Miami who resorted to cannibalism while high on bath salts. For months, bath salts were the ultimate terrifying drug. Many people feared “zombie-like behavior” that was allegedly displayed by bath salts users. However, later investigation showed that bath salts weren’t even involved in the highly publicized killing.

Even though bath salt doesn’t cause people to indulge in cannibalism, it’s still a drug that people use to get high, which puts them at enormous risk. It’s an addictive drug, and one that can require bath salt drug rehab treatment to return to normal.

The root ingredient in bath salt is very similar in composition to an ingredient in the khat plant, a shrub commonly found in East Africa and some areas of the Arabian peninsula. The khat plant produces cathinones, which create an effect similar to amphetamines for users and act as a stimulant to the central nervous system. Synthetic cathinones (bath salts, for example) usually contain man-made ingredients like methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), methylone or mephedrone. Since there are no regulations, the chemical composition varies widely. It’s important to remember bath salts can cause addiction and often requires bath salt drug rehab treatment.

Are Bath Salts Legal in the US?

Formed from cathinones, bath salts were legally sold over the counter for a time. As a result, sales were brisk. To avoid any issues with the Food and Drug Administration, the drug was called “bath salts” and “plant food” and carried the helpful warning, “Not for Human Consumption.” Known by names like Purple Wave and White Lightning, bath salts soon became illegal in most states. Unfortunately, the drug can still be purchased online.

If you or a loved one have a problem with bath salts, you should strongly consider bath salt drug rehab. Professional bath salt drug rehab treatment can make all the difference in straightening out your life.

What are Bath Salts?

Bath salts are synthetic versions of cathinone, a stimulant found in the African khat plant. In fact, khat plant leaves have been chewed for thousands of years to obtain a stimulant high. Synthetic cathinones, such as bath salts, are significantly stronger than the natural cathinone found in khat. It’s also more dangerous, which is an indicator of the need for effective bath salt drug rehab treatment.

Synthetic cathinones like bath salts are part of a group of drugs called “new psychoactive substances” that are of great concern to public health officials. New psychoactive substances are unregulated mind-altering drugs that have only recently become available and have been designed to imitate the effects of various illegal drugs. Some have actually been around for many years but keep reappearing in altered chemical forms.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact the term “bath salt” was invented purely to make the product seem innocuous. It bears absolutely no resemblance to actual bath salt (known as Epsom salts), which has no mind-altering qualities whatsoever.

Synthetic cathinones like bath salt are sold as inexpensive substitutes for meth, cocaine and other stimulants. What may be sold as MDMA (Molly) may actually be bath salt. In an illegal marketplace, deception is the rule rather than the exception. This alone is good reason to seek bath salt drug rehab at a reputable bath salt drug rehab center rather than be subjected to drugs of unknown composition and stength.

What do synthetic cathinones like bath salt look like? They are usually composed of a brown or white crystal-like powder. They are typically sold in small ziploc bags or foil packages. In an attempt to void suspicion, some packages may be labeled variously as “plant food,” “jewelry cleaner,” or “smartphone screen cleaner.” The product can be found online under such names as:

Cloud Nine
Vanilla Sky
Lunar Wave
White Lightning

How Are Bath Salts Used?

Bath salts can be smoked, snorted, swallowed or injected. But no matter how it’s taken, bath salt drug rehab is often the only effective way to overcome addiction.

If you’re concerned about a loved one who you think may be using bath salt, be aware that this substance has a chemical similarity to amphetamines, MDMA and cocaine. The effects on users are frequently similar. A loved one’s addiction can be difficult to bear. It’s highly recommended that you steer this individual into bath salt drug rehab as soon as possible.

How is the Brain Affected by Bath Salt?

Unfortunately, researchers are still uncertain of all the ways that bath salts affect or alter the brain. They are aware that bath salts are similar chemically to MDMA, cocaine and amphetamines, which means that similar symptoms like lowered inhibition, depression and anxiety are likely to be observed in bath salt users. No matter how symptoms may vary from user to user, bath salt drug rehab treatment remains the best way to overcome this addiction.

Users of bath salts have reported that the drug delivers both an energizing effect and an agitating effect. Heart rate and blood pressure are raised with bath salt use, which is never a good situation, particularly if someone already has high blood pressure. Some studies indicate several very scary findings. For example, one study showed that a common synthetic cathinone, 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), affects the brain in a way similar to cocaine but appears to be about 10 times more powerful. Even more frightening is the fact that MDPV is the most commonly found synthetic cathinone in the urine and blood of overdose victims in emergency rooms. If you ever needed a good reason to seek bath salt drug rehab, it’s these findings.

Bath salts can bring about the following effects:

Increased sociability
Increased sex drive
Panic attacks
Extreme agitation
Violent behavior

Many people would view the first two symptoms as positive rather than negative. The rest of these symptoms, however, are obviously highly undesirable. Yet, bath salt addiction happens in spite of these known risks. Bath salt drug rehab is the logical solution for overcoming addiction to this horrible drug.

Other Negative Health Effects of Bath Salts Use

Using bath salts can bring about a number of side effects, some of which should make anyone strongly consider bath salt drug rehab. The milder symptoms include:


The more severe symptoms include:

Muscle tissue deterioration
Kidney failure

Injecting bath salts or snorting them are considered the most dangerous delivery methods. Bath salt drug rehab can save you from an unfortunate result of drug use. However, you need to take the next step and call a reputable drug rehab center.

Are Synthetic Cathinones Like Bath Salts Really Addictive?

Despite what some users and dealers will tell you, bath salts and other synthetic cathinones are actually very addictive. In animal test using rats, it was discovered that the animals would consistently self-administer synthetic cathinones when given the opportunity. Given this behavior, it’s not hard to understand how something like bath salts would bring about intense cravings in humans. By resisting the urge to take the drug, users are subjected to withdrawal symptoms that point to the need for bath salt drug rehab. These symptoms include:

Difficulty sleeping

Why You Need Bath Salt Drug Rehab

If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first step toward recovery: you know that there’s a problem. That’s good. Simply acknowledging the issue can be the most difficult step in recovery for many people.

So what’s the next step? Before beginning bath salt drug rehab treatment, you will need to go through the detox phase to rid your body completely of drugs. This is absolutely necessary in order for bath salt drug rehab to be successful.

Detox is never an easy step. In fact, the resulting withdrawal symptoms are enough to drive many people back to bath salts just to stop feeling terrible. That’s why professional detox is so important. Trying to detox on your own doesn’t work for many people because they don’t have the willpower to stick with it. In a professional detox setting, doctors and trained staff members monitor you 24/7 to make sure you are safe and as comfortable as possible during the process. If necessary, they may dispense anti-detox medications to make the whole process easier on your body.

Once detox is complete, you’re ready for bath salt drug rehab treatment. Remember that detox is only about ridding your body of drugs. It takes bath salt drug rehab treatment to make sure that you’re able to stay off drugs.

With bath salt drug rehab, there are two main ways that you may receive treatment. An addiction specialist with a bath salt drug rehab center will be able to help you determine which is best for your unique circumstances:

Inpatient treatment: You live in a restricted environment that keeps the temptations and triggers of the outside world far away, which empowers you to concentrate fully on your recovery. Inpatient bath salt drug rehab treatment is particularly appropriate if your addiction is severe, or if you don’t have a family that you can rely on for support. Inpatient treatment is also the best choice if you need what’s called dual diagnosis treatment. This type of therapy is for patients who have a co-occurring mental condition (such as depression) that must be addressed at the same time as the addiction for recovery to be successful. Many people who try to quit drugs on their own and fail often have a mental health issue that interferes with their ability to quit. Usually, these individuals aren’t aware of the problem until doctors at an addiction center diagnose it.

Outpatient treatment: This is an ideal option if your addiction is less serious and you have a stable, supportive family unit to rely upon. Outpatient bath salt drug rehab treatment makes sense if you’re juggling family, work or school responsibilities that can’t be put on hold. Outpatient treatment allows you to return home at night and sleep in your own bed. There are obviously fewer restrictions placed upon you with outpatient treatment. For some people, this is necessary. For others, however, the restrictions of inpatient treatment can be a good thing.

Aftercare: Upon leaving a bath salt drug rehab center, it’s often a good idea to have a program that helps reinforce the lessons you learned in rehab. Relapse is a possibility for everyone in recovery. It’s a good thing to have a little support when inevitable temptations arise in your life.

The Time To Act is Now

Putting off bath salt drug rehab treatment isn’t a good idea. The longer you wait, the greater the chances of your addiction spiraling out of all control. That’s not something you or your family want.

By going to a reputable bath salt drug rehab center, you’re putting yourself on the road to recovery. You’ll finally be able to live the life that bath salt addiction was slowly taking away from you.